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about Cameron Oates C. Hyp
In my mid 20's I was lost...

I was in a great job with good pay and great benefits, but I was unsatisfied. 

I found myself asking "Is this all there is for me?" I was asking this over and over again and nearly as if the answer got given to me, I had a back injury, which sent me off work for 12 months. 

Over that time I fell into depression and continued to wonder if there was something more that I could do with my life. 

I began playing the guitar to switch my focus off the immense pain I was in and this led me into a career path and had me travelling the country performing in 100's of venues.

However, I still found myself asking this same question of "Is this the life I'm supposed to live?" It took me relapsing into depression again to find my purpose.

I began searching for mentors and began studying. I found I was drawn to human behaviour and the way the mind operates. I was hooked. I enrolled in coaching courses, NLP courses, Hypnosis courses and travelling to other countries to learn from some of my mentors so that I could learn directly from them and begin coaching others.

I was especially drawn to Bob Proctor and his teaching methodologies of the way the mind works. This was a turning point for my deep understanding of the way our mind works. I flew to Toronto, Canada to meet Bob and learn directly from him. This was a life changing experience. Bob Proctor is the #1 coach on human potential and success. to learn directly from him has been and continues to be a truly life altering experince. 

Bob's teachings is my main style of teaching the way our mind works.

I am happy to say I have found my purpose...

"Cameron's knowledge into the workings of the mind is mind blowing" - Brad Buchanan - Master/ Teacher of Reiki, Clinical Hypnotherapy

"Most physicians have very little knowledge about health and nutrition. Cameron has superior knowledge on how diet impacts our wellness. If we had more practitioners like him in the US, we would have a much healthier population." - Dr Josh Goodrum - Founder and Director of The Institute For Total Wellness

"Words can't express the vast knowledge that Cameron has into the workings of the mind, and the relationship with success and mindset" - Tim Vera - Entrepreneur 

"Cameron Oates is one of the most understated Life Coaches and Hypnotherapists I have come to know. His thorough understanding of the mind and how the subconscious operates in the formation of behaviour and beliefs, combined with proven strategies to effect positive change, enable him to apply his knowledge to any area of life you desire improvement in. Above all, Cameron is authentic. I cannot express strongly enough the importance of his genuine passion for his work and how this heartfelt intention profoundly benefits his clients. He walks the talk, and I have great admiration for, and trust in his work." - Sally Martin, BA (Psychology), C. Hyp

"It has been both a miracle and a blessing that I met Cameron. I have only been doing the program for almost 2 weeks and I can honestly say my thinking has changed and my results are changing already" - Kathy Pollard

"A truly amazing human, always manages to get results and goes about with absolute integrity, wisdom, professionalism, intention and energy" - Rob Parry
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